easyDnc Version 4.7


easyDnc is an easy to use file transfer tool specifically designed for sending and receiving programs and other data to and from CNC machines.

Many older DNC programs are based on DOS and Windows 3 technology and even those that do use the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) often require quite a lot of keyboard work exposing their underlying DOS based heritage.

easyDnc has been continually updated to maintain forward and backward compatibility with all 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

easyDnc allows many functions to be accomplished using the PC mouse. Sending data to a CNC requires no keyboard work at all; simply use the c omputer mouse to navigate to the required file (or files) and click&drag the file(s) to the relevant machine icon. easyDnc queues the files ready for transmission and just one more mouse click and the selected file is transferred to the CNC.

Saving data FROM the CNC is just as easy. Open the easyDnc receive window then go to your machine and punch/output your data which is then appears on the easyDnc desktop where you can view it, save it to disk or make changes and transmit back to the machine.

If required easyDnc will also operate in DripFeed mode where you can pause, stop, restart, restart from any line (for example after a tool break) and even single step through the machining process one line at a time.

After drip-feeding easyDnc can automatically rewind right back to the start allowing you to repeat the same job as many times as you wish without going back to the computer.

easyDnc is the ideal solution for operators who don’t require expensive CAD/CAM functionality but do need simple and extremely low cost CNC file-transfer capability.


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