Drip Feeding to CNC

easyDnc does not need a special drip feeding mode. It’s fully automatic. But your CNC probably has a different switch option. For example if you have a typical Fanuc you would usually switch the control to ‘Tape Mode’ and press Cycle Start. At this point nothing will happen – Now press easyDnc’s ‘Send’ button and data would be fed to the CNC beginning the machining process. (This procedure is common for many types of machine - See your machine's documentation for settings & options related to your specific CNC.)

When transferring data into CNC memory you can ignore this page. But when drip feeding, this version of easyDnc offers a couple of advanced options that didn’t exist in earlier versions.


Send All From the Start

No matter what part of the program you are viewing, when you select this option and click the Send button easydnc will rewind right back to the top and send from the very beginning of the file.

Send All From Selected Line

When you click the Send button easyDnc will start sending from the currently selected line.

Send Selected Line (Single Step)


When you click the Send button easyDnc will send only the currently selected line and stop. You can repeatedly click the send button to Single Step through your program.

When drip feeding you might experience a tool break. When you're ready to restart you would not necessarily want to go right back to the start. You'd probably want to select a specific line and run from that point. Or, if you weren't sure about a specific area of your program, you might want to single step through it.

On the previous page you saw that when you click the Send button new buttons - [Pause] and [Stop] - appear. No need for us to explain what those buttons do. But interesting is that during drip feeding at full speed you can hit pause and switch the mode to single step - for example if you wanted to single step through a section of your program that you wanted to observe closely - and at any time switch back to full speed machining.