The very first time you use easyDnc it will look something like this:-





You must add at least one cnc machine profile so that you can use easyDnc.

As a user of Microsoft Windows you're already familiar with clicking icons and selecting options from menus. We’ve made easyDnc work the same way so you shouldn’t have any problems with easyDnc’s icons and menus. They work just like MS Windows.

To begin just double click the ‘Add Machine’ icon and a new machine icon appears.

(note: Recent versions of easyDnc may already have one machine icon)

A new machine icon is always created with the name “NEW”. The first thing to do is to give it a more meaningful name.

Just like renaming a Windows file or folder you can click the CNC icon with the RIGHT mouse button and select 'Rename' from the small menu.