Detect CNC settings using Port Scan.

This version of easyDnc includes "Port Scan". If you don’t know any of your CNC’s settings, baud rate or even which com ports are available on your computer, easyDnc can often detect the settings automatically.

To begin port scan click the relevant CNC icon, open the menu and select ’Port Scan'.

The Port Scan window appears.

Go to the CNC console and punch/send out a sizable program. You should see garbage data appear on easyDnc’s port scan window but after a few lines easyDnc should detect the parameters and focus in on the data. Clear readable text should begin to appear.

If the flow of data stops before analysis is complete simply resend the data from the CNC without restarting the port scan process.



Port scan usually requires only 10 lines or so but if after repeated attempts the data is still not detected then you'll need to enter your CNC parameters manually via easyDnc’s setup properties window.